Leadership Spotlight: Bill Redmon

Bill Redmon currently serves as a board member for the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association. He is a retired Camp Director, a team-building consultant, and owner of Wild Creek Adventures. Bill is also an advocate of the Removing Barriers Initiative and got involved with FDOA at an adaptive kayaking seminar that opened the conversation for his future involvement. He has been a crucial part of organizing multiple events at FDOA, but his favorite so far has to be the SportsAbility Sampler at the Family Café.

For Bill Inclusion Means...

"Being aware of each person as a person and intentionally including them in the joys of life"Image of Bill Redmon

Besides FDOA, Bill is the founder of StirringWaters, which he created based on his vision of providing a safe place where no one felt left out sitting on the deck, but everyone would be able to get into the fun. StirringWaters is a waterpark for people with disabilities. He wants to provide a safe space that is fully and intentionally inclusive for all types of disabilities.

He enjoys being at home with his wife in his free time, puttering around the house and yard while working on something special like dinner out or a movie or an easy excursion. Bill enjoys listening to music with harmonies such as choral, Celtic, and melodic instrumental music. Moreover, as a proud Georgia boy, his favorite food naturally had to be fried chicken. He loves traveling, as he always tries to find something of interest in every place he goes. However, he is very fond of some parts of Canada and would like to visit them soon.

Finally, Bill's idea of what a perfect world would be is one in which "we love our neighbor and ourselves to the point where we can respect and serve each other with kindness." If Bill could share a message with the world, he would say that nobody goes through life alone and that we need to pay more attention to the teachings of Jesus. For him, inclusion means being aware of each person as a person and intentionally including them in the joys of life. "To whom much is given, much is required," so the healthy have a responsibility to make sure everyone has the opportunity.

FDOA is lucky to have a kind, caring and hardworking person like Bill on the team, and we are thankful for everything he does for our organization.

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