Our Mission

SportsAbility Alliance enriches lives through accessible, inclusive recreation and active leisure.


Long Range Objectives

  1. To educate the public and disseminate information pertaining to recreational areas, facilities, programs, events, and opportunities that include persons with disabilities.
  2. To promote and provide recreational activities and programs for people of all abilities and all ages.
  3. To forward the advancement and development of the appropriate use of public and private lands on which people with disabilities may participate in recreation.
  4. To advocate for accessible and inclusive recreation while networking with recreation program providers as well as organizations that serve persons with disabilities.
  5. To assist designers, planners, and managers in making recreational programs, areas, and facilities universally accessible.
  6. To work with civic groups and organizations in promoting special recreational opportunities to include people with disabilities.
  7. To provide community resource information to the public emphasizing efforts to reach persons with disabilities.
  8. To promote the wise use of our natural resources in the best interest of all, both present and future.
  9. To advance understanding of the importance of active leisure activities on the health and well being of everyone and the therapeutic value of recreation.
  10. To promote high standards of sportsmanship and ethics.