Spotlight on Florida Businesses for National Disability Employment Awareness Month

This blog post was written by Cameron Rolston, SportsAbility Alliance Social Media Intern.

Spotlight on Florida Businesses for National Disability Employment Awareness Month

In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, I spent October learning more about Disability Employment Awareness throughout different areas of Florida. I had the chance to talk to two companies in Florida - Inspire of Central Florida and Future Pathways -  that assist people with disabilities learn job readiness skills, master important life skills, and help them get jobs.  

As I watched Michael work, I truly saw the difference that employment can make in someone’s life. 


I learned about Inspire of Central Florida’s mission to provide a work environment that is safe, compassionate, and educational for adults with developmental disabilities and learned more about how they assist the residents of the Seminole County area. This organization was established in 1980 and they not only provide education and vocational training, they also have programs like Operation G.R.O.W. which is a volunteer internship program that provides real-world work experience to their participants. The long-term goal of all their programs is to secure competitive work for every individual that they serve. 

I also spoke with Allie from Future Pathways who explained how they assist people with disabilities in Tallahassee and surrounding areas with similar endeavors. As a bonus, I was able to go to Jeri’s Cafe in Market Plaza and meet Michael, one of the young men that Future Pathways works with.

Going to work with Michael was an extremely awesome experience and an interaction I will remember forever. When I arrived at Jeri's, I was greeted by Michael’s warm smile and “Welcome to Jeri’s” which immediately brightened my morning. As I watched him work I truly saw the difference that employment can make in someone’s life. Beyond just teaching lessons like responsibility and accountability, employment provides people with interpersonal interactions, it improves communication skills, and it also gives opportunities for those around you to focus on their activities while you are working.

 Michael was so happy to make me an extremely delicious pimento cheese and crackers plate and was truly joyful in everything he did. He told me about his first paycheck and how he used it to buy a video game that he really wanted. Seeing the positive impact that employment has on Michael, only further instills in me the importance of employment for everyone. With that being said, even as National Disability Employment Awareness Month ends, let’s continue to support Disability Employment all year! 

Learn more about Inspire of Central Florida here: Inspire of Central Florida | Inspiring Adults with Special Needs
Learn more about Future Pathways here: Future Pathways (

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