February 2022 Newsletter

photo of Laurie GussakExecutive Director's Message: All the New Cool SportsAbility 2022 Programs & More

Laurie LoRe-Gussak, MBA, IOM, CAE

This year SportsAbility has more going on around the state in-person and virtually than ever! We are really trying to have something for everyone. SportsAbility Alliance and partners are providing these programs all free of charge. Here are the details on SportsAbility 2022.

This year there are three ways to experience SportsAbility: (1) In-Person, (2) Online Education and Resource Expo, and (3) Virtual Reality! All programs are free and you may do as many as you like!

In-Person: From March to May in various Florida cities, there will be a variety of different in-person activities for people of all abilities. The aim is to make SportsAbility more accessible for everyone. You will have the opportunity to register for a time slot to try things like an accessible pontoon boat ride, SCUBA, fishing and more. To plan and maintain COVID safety protocols, you must register for a time slot for each in-person activity in advance so that our activity providers can plan accordingly. Each person attending with you must also register. Anyone planning to go on site must register. The website will continually be updated with new programs and dates. The first SportsAbility Sampler will be fishing and archery at Joe Budd Youth Conservation Center in Midway, FL. For information on that program and others visit our SportsAbility page.

Online Education and Resource Expo: You can find educational presentations, resources available to you and your community, and connect with other attendees by participating in our online Resource Expo. You will be able to recreate with your new and existing friends online, learn about a variety of recreation, sport and leisure options and travel destinations, learn about resources available for people of all abilities and find information on the latest in products, active leisure programs and services for people of all abilities. To register for the conference or get more info visit our SportsAbility page.

Virtual Reality: SportsAbility Park is available year-round and 24 hours, 7 days a week AND we will be hosting some special events in the virtual park during our SportsAbility event. You do not need to be a expert gamer to participate. This is something you can do with an Oculus headset OR right from your computer. There is no cost. You can meet people in Virtual Reality SportsAbility Park, so it is a great way to socialize. There are also fun activities like virtual rock climbing, snow ball throwing, toasting marshmallows by the fire, basketball and others. We just added a coral reef to enjoy that makes you feel like you are SCUBA diving. We have video tutorials and information online on our VR Park page.


Miracle Sports kickball graphic

Miracle Sports

Baseball - Join us for some in-person baseball at Miracle Field (Messer Park, Tallahassee). We play Thursday evenings starting January 27. Everyone is welcome to play!

If you are in the Tallahassee area (even if you are just visiting), Miracle Sports is a great program. The Miracle field’s rubberized surface makes it accessible and the programs are adapted to enable everyone is to participate on their own level of ability. No one is excluded and adaptive equipment may be used to ensure participation for all. The games are designed to build confidence and promote physical activity. Each session starts off with a warm-up consisting of various stretches. At the beginning of each sport season, drills may be utilized to allow participants extra practice before beginning the game. Teams are randomly created and buddies find a new friend to assist. Buddies encourage participants, run bases with participants, and enjoy living life through recreation. People with and without disabilities play together.

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Virtual Workouts Via Facebook

Check it out on the SportsAbility Alliance Facebook page for Spirit Club Live workouts Fridays at 11:00 am (available all week on demand).

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