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SportsAbility Park

An inclusive virtual reality recreation park designed just for you!

Image of SportsAbility VR Park entrance gate

What It Is

We wanted to provide everyone a way to experience active leisure in a safe "virtual" way, in the hopes that it will encourage exploration and active leisure in the "real world". To achieve this goal we have been working quietly for quite a while to build SportsAbility Park, an inclusive virtual reality recreation park. 

In SportsAbility Park you can explore different activities, alone or with friends. You can learn about adaptive equipment and resources available to make active leisure more accessible to all.

SportsAbility Park has just been launched and is still in the early stages. So please send us your feedback let us know if you have ideas for improvements. We are creating this for you and want to build it to your wants and needs.

Overview of SportsAbility VR Park

How to get started

Step 1 | Create Your Account

You will need to create an Altspace VR account. To do this, you will need to install the Altspace software on your VR headset or computer. Here are the minimum system requirements.

  1. Visit: https://altvr.com/ and click Get AltspaceVR to choose how you will use Altspace (using a VR headset or computer)

    NOTE: The AltspaceVR software is FREE to download and use. On Windows PC, it will take you to the Microsoft Windows Store to install the software. You may need the computer admin to grant access and permission to install. 

  2. Open the software and create your account.

It will walk you through the process of creating your account.

Getting started with Altspace 

Step 2 | Complete The Tutorial

After you create your account, the software will walk you through creating your avatar (the character that will represent you in the virtual world) and give instructions on how to move around in the virtual world.

Once you complete the tutorial you will be able to access other features in Altspace, such as Events and Worlds.

Step 3 | Enter SportsAbility Park

To find SportsAbility Park, it may be easiest to use the Altspace website to search for it and save it as a favorite. Once you do that it is much easier to access SportsAbility Park within the Altspace software.

  1. Visit: https://altvr.com/ and click Worlds (if you log in you can find Worlds under the More submenu)
    NOTE: If you are not already logged in, it may ask you to log in.

  2. On the Worlds submenu, click on Search
    NOTE: If you are trying to search for Worlds within the Altspace software and do not see "Worlds" on the menu, you need to go into your settings in Altspace and turn on "Enable Worlds Beta"

  3. Type in "SportsAbility"

  4. Click on the SportsAbility Commons card in the search results to view the profile page
    NOTE: if you click Visit Now it will launch the Altspace VR software and take you right into SportsAbility Park

  5. On the SportsAbility Commons page, click on Favorite

  6. At the top of the SportsAbility Commons page, click Enter to launch the VR

Shortcut: click here to go directly to the SportsAbility Park profile page

video loop of how to search for SportsAbility Park

Frequently Asked Questions & Tutorials

Overview of SportsAbility Park and how to access it

We create this video to show you what it looks like inside the SportsAbility VR Park and how to access it: https://youtu.be/czQ_FK8afHc

Altspace is installed but won't start

You may need to update the Altspace software.
    • On a Windows PC, open the Microsoft Store (Windows Store), search for Altspace and click Update
      Here is a video showing this process: https://youtu.be/ppHp-l_2scA
    • On a VR headset, follow the procedures for updating software per your headset